If you are looking for an ecological solution for industrial cleaning, you have come to the right place. Probiotic industrial cleaning is presented as an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. Probiotic products use beneficial microorganisms that act naturally, breaking down and removing dirt biologically. With this innovative technique, is not only effective cleaning achieved, but chemical residues harmful to health and the environment are also reduced. Probiotic industrial cleaning is the future of sustainable cleaning, committed to the planet health without compromising results.

-The importance of ecological industrial cleaning
-The concept of probiotic cleaning and its benefits

 Advantages of probiotic industrial cleaning

-Effective removal of dirt and debris
-Reduction of aggressive chemicals
-Positive impact on the environment

 Main characteristics of probiotic industrial cleaning

-Use of beneficial microorganisms
-Prolonged and residual action
-Versatility in application

 Applications of probiotic industrial cleaning

-Hospitality and restaurant sector
-Automotive sector, rent a car, car dealers…
-Nautical sector with yacht maintenance
-Agri-food sector
-Chemical industry
-Health centers, paramedical and hospitals

How to implement probiotic industrial cleaning 

-Selection of suitable probiotic products from the 4Biotech cleaning ecologic products

Application method and recommended dosage

The majority of the 4biotech product range exists in a concentrated version, and is diluted to 1%. There is also the RTU version (Ready to use)

In some cases, an evaluation of results and adjustments may be necessary

Probiotic industrial cleaning success stories

-Public building: Bad odour reduction and elimination in one week that was causing the impossibility of using this building for years.
-Company B: Improves work efficiency, results and improving air quality in industrial environments
-Rent a Car: Increases in cleaning efficiency and very relevant costs reduction
-Restaurant: Significant improvement in cleaning quality, especially floors, bad odours elimination in toilets, and significant reduction in product costs
-5* Hotel: Immediate improvement in the cleanliness of marble floors, also rooms cleaning quality and elimination of traditional chemical cleaning products negative environmental impact. 


 -Probiotic industrial cleaning as a sustainable and effective alternative
-Gradual implementation in different industries and sectors